Expanded Facilities

By: Aaron Wright, Masters Choice Marketing Associate

As many of you know, Masters Choice has moved our headquarters to a new building with much more space to expand into. We are working as hard as ever, with more people than ever, to get the job done.

Aside from the new headquarters, we have expanded our Pulaski conditioning facility and warehouse more quickly than we’d ever thought. We have added a new warehouse this year, as well as put the finishing touches on a second conditioning line.

Southern Illinois Plant Manager, Heston Hase says, “The addition of a second conditioning line here at the Pulaski facility has been no easy task, but we did have the advantage of building everything ourselves, so we could assure the maximum efficiency for our needs.”

The first leg in the line was challenging to install. Seeing in person that the top of the leg clears the bottom of the roof by mere inches is proof of that. However, because this leg is so much higher than everything else, and strategically placed, little effort is needed to move the corn around the line. A true testament to the new line’s efficiency, most of the line’s movement is gravity fed.

According to Hase, “It is our goal to prevent the seed from developing micro cracks as it gets handled through the line. I developed a new way to drop corn more gently to reduce or even eliminate micro cracks due to drops.”

The new line will focus primarily on organic seed treatments. This line, while being more efficient and gentle, is extremely helpful in that it allows us to significantly increase our organic production, a growing sector of our business. Not coincidentally, this coincides with major improvements and updates to our organic product lineup.