Quick Tips for Feeding

Quick tips for feeding floury corn hybrids:

  1. Consider total starch load and adjust energy levels
    -Rapid digestion increases of up to 50% more starch being digested.
    -Slower passage rates 11%/hr for dry floury grain 4%/hr for high moisture
    floury compared to 21% for dry vitreous grain and 10%/hr for high                           moisture vitreous
  1. Consider protein levels
    - Floury corn increases microbial MP because of quicker ruminal digestion
  1. Protect milk components
    - Too much starch load negatively effects microbe population
    - Over processed floury grain could lead to acidosis if not careful to reduce total starch in ration
    - Be sensitive to provide adequate effective fiber to maximize energy   absorption

4. Consider feeding floury hybrids first
- Masters Choice Average 7hr starch digestion 28 days from harvest is 75%    compared to CVAS average 21 days from harvest of 65%. Took 3-4        months for CVAS lab average to reach where MC hybrids start.

  1. Look for feed efficiencies and not just increase production
    - Feeding efficiency may come in the form of DM feed/milk not only increased milk production — either form is profitable — depends on diet