The Season of Plots

By: Kyle Vosburgh

Within life we are continuously entering and exiting seasons. Agriculture is no different in that regard. We patiently wait all winter for the spring crop to go in; we eagerly check our ground as the first stands set in. It seems like an eternity from planting day until the first signs of harvest set in. Throughout the growing season we learn a lot about, not only our farms, but also about the crops we grow. These seasons are a wonderful reminder as to why we love agriculture so much.

While many people are taking a deep breath after harvest; those who work in many branches of agriculture are just getting started again, with plot seed for the following year. Every single year we are looking to put more hybrids in more places, on more ground. Sending out plot seed gives us at Masters Choice the opportunity to better understand our hybrids. It is also a great way for us to connect with our dealers and work with them, to see our hybrids on ground in their selling area. This year we have set up 66 advancement plot locations. We also work with numerous universities through both silage and grain field trials. These locations are spread throughout the United States and into Canada. During the growing season we do everything that we can to get out and see each of these advancement plot locations. This gives us the opportunity to connect with our growers, as well as the chance to check on the hybrids performance. This is a tool not only for our research and development team, but also for our sales staff. Research and development uses advancement plot locations as a way to better understand what hybrids work in what growing conditions and areas. It plays a huge role in the selection of experimental hybrids that will make their way into our commercial lineup. This is extremely valuable information on the more than 50 experimental hybrids that we are screening for possible commercial production in the future. The plot seed that we send out to these many locations is the key to bringing the most nutritionally advanced hybrids to market.

Now we are heading into the next season. Corn has been shipped and planted in many areas of the United States. We now begin to wait on our stands with eagerness. Not because this is the first time we’ve done this, but because this is what we’ve waited all year for. A child gets excited every Christmas, even when they have been excited many Christmas’ before. It’s the excitement of entering and exiting seasons that keeps us honest. It’s why we get up before the first glimpse of dawn, and lay our heads down at night long after the sunset. Agriculture is a life dictated by seasons. Seasons that bring the lessons and excitement that we live for. We here at Masters Choice hope that you have blessed growing seasons, both now and for years to come.