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In the United States nearly 40% of all corn grown is fed to livestock; it’s the largest consumer of corn in the country, a fact that’s often overlooked. Nearly all the corn hybrids sold here were developed for the once booming export market, resulting in tightly packed, hard endosperm kernels. However, those days are long gone, with exports making up less than 13% of the modern marketplace. As such a large part of the American ag economy, shouldn’t we be breeding corn especially for livestock operations? We think so.

By now you’ve likely heard of floury grain and the benefits that it provides when fed. Masters Choice floury grain has up to 15% more available energy than standard corn hybrids due to its higher digestibility. A slower rate of passage is another contributing factor to the higher digestibility of Masters Choice floury grain, as it stays in the rumen up to twice as long as harder, slicker industry hybrids, even when both are ground to a fine dust (Because, let’s be honest, when you grind a rock, it’s still a rock).

Another benefit of floury grain, that you may not yet be completely familiar with, is the increased microbial yield being associated with floury corn hybrids. These microbial proteins greatly contribute to milk production on dairy operations.

But, we’ve said enough here. For a more complete look at floury grain, let’s listen to our local expert, Masters Choice’s Nutrition Research Manager, Mark Kirk. The video is brief and informative, we promise.

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of corn is fed

Often overlooked, but true. 40% of corn grown in the U.S. is fed to livestock. Shouldn’t your hybrids be bred with a purpose?


of corn is exported

Modern hybrids have hard kernels, bred decades ago for export. However, only 13% of America’s corn crop is exported. Time for a change?


more rumen degradable

Masters Choice’s soft, floury kernels have proven to be up to 50% more rumen degradable. Is it time you became more efficient?

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