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Corn hybrids that are industry leaders in nutritional qualities and are also second to none in yield and performance are what set Masters Choice apart from other seed corn companies. The Masters Choice lineup is filled with hybrids that feature floury digestible grain along with high fiber digestibility for total plant digestion in ruminant animals. Through the Masters Choice hybrid selection process, new hybrids are screened for superior agronomic qualities and yield along with nutritional qualities. The Masters Choice program tests new hybrids in plots around the United States and Canada to find material that will excel on your farm. They have yields that will rival any corn hybrid in the marketplace. These hybrids are selected specifically for use on livestock farms.

Masters Choice hybrids are well known as industry leaders in corn silage, but the hybrids have great versatility. Many of the top hybrids for corn silage also work well for dry grain and high moisture corn applications. The Masters Choice lineup is filled with flex and semi-flex hybrids. These hybrids perform best at moderate to lower populations. Flex and semi-flex hybrids allow the stalks and ears to flex, producing high silage yields with high fiber digestibility and excellent feeding quality.

Masters Choice hybrids also have great late season intactness and standability. The agronomic package provides great versatility for these hybrids.

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When we roll out a new product in the Masters Choice lineup you can be assured that it is the real deal. Our research philosophy is to bring out products that are not only nutritionally advanced, but will also bring top shelf agronomics and yield.

It doesn’t matter how well a hybrid feeds if it won’t grow and yield. We make sure you’re getting hybrids that bring the complete package.

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