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At Masters Choice, Research and Development (R&D) is at the heart of what we do. The goal of our research and development is to continually introduce new hybrids that express both strong agronomic and nutritional characteristics. This takes a multi-step process that begins with hundreds of crosses being made each year to develop new hybrids. These crosses are then tested at independent test sites for high yield potential, plant health, and overall agronomic strength. The hybrids that show the most promise during this first step are then tested for their nutritional characteristics.

The next step in our process involves a team of nutritionists including Dr. Charles Sniffen, formerly of Cornell and Miner Institute, to explore the nutritional characteristics of the selected hybrid crosses. They pour through the data that has been collected on these hybrids looking for high starch availability, fiber digestibility, high sugars, and other characteristics that Masters Choice believes makes an industry leading silage hybrid. After the nutritional characteristics have been determined, our team narrows the field even further selecting the most nutritionally enhanced hybrids for further agronomic testing.

R&D then works with Sales and Marketing to determine where these hybrids may fit to meet our customer needs. These hybrids are then tested in multiple markets through university testing to finalize where they may best be utilized and how they stand-up to our competitors. This multiyear process involves every department within Masters Choice working together synergistically to assure that only the best hybrids make it into a Masters Choice bag and onto your farm.

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Our R&D department works hard to stay ahead of the industry, developing hybrids that exceed standards in yield AND nutrition.




Third Party Trials


New Hybrids in Lineup



No hybrid makes it into a Masters Choice bag without the careful combination of proven yields and elite nutrition. We are proud of the team we have assembled that makes these decisions. Our Director of R&D, Kevin Koone, works closely with our Production Manager, John Widick, and our Nutrition Research Manager, Mark Kirk, to determine which hybrids make the cut. We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of research practices and testing procedures.

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